Still life, Goa
River estuary, Baga, Goa ’79
My room, Baga, Goa ’79
Old house, Baga, Goa
Old houses, Baga, Goa ’79
Sunset, Goa. ’79
Hippies, Baga beach, Goa ’79
Youth, Tangier
Mahjoub in the Harem, Marrakech
Hamedo, Marjorelle Gardens by moonlight
My cover for the OLDIE magazine.  june ’92
Teddy Boys   etching
Bishop Michael Marshall
A Greetings Card
A Birthday Card
Peter Hinwood, Tangier
Wild Iris, Tangier
Portrait sketch of Nicolas Ferguson
Andy – mossing. Highmount.
Young Pan
Illustration 4 for ” Gemini ” Magazine, 1960
Illustration 3 for ” Gemini ” Magazine, 1960
Illustration 2 for ” Gemini ” Magazine, 1960
Illustration in ” Gemini ” Magazine, 1960
Apple tree, Oberamegau
View above Pertisau, Lake achensee. Tyrol.
Above Pertisau, Lake Achensee
St. Notburga’s Church, near Pertisau, Tyrol
Through my window, Bali
Waterside Cafe, Ithaca
Lemon Grove, Ithaca
Olive trees, Ithaca
Young date Palms, Ithaca
From my window, Ithaca
Interior, up in the Catskills
Interior, the Catskills
Giant Clan Shell 1
Giant Clam Shell 2
Large Shell
Paper Cocacola Cup
Garden Table
Nativity, Nice
Brussel Sprouts
Stephanotis vine
Horse studies
Olive Tree
The Bar Parade, Tangier 1968
Bar of the Cafe Glacier, Marrakech 1968
Indian ink drawing
Hon. Michael Portman  cerca 1960
Herm. a birthday card for BW
Musicians Rooms, Jejouka – Morocco
Small portrait of Gary Ness, Canadian Painter. 5in x 7in
Gary Ness ( detail )
Small self portrait. 5in x 7in
Profile, portrait sketch
Reflection, the Antique Room at the Slade
Life Room ( at the Slade )
Life Painting ( at the Slade )
Portrait study ( at the slade )
Moroccan dream
Women in Marrakech
Roof terrace, Chefchaouen
Room on roof terrace, Chefchaouen
Interior, House in Chefchaouen
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lillies
Bluebells, Bishopstoke
Dancing Atoms
Greek and Greco-roman pots
Ostrich egg
Clivia lily.
Tulips and Amaryllis
Spring Flowers
French Marigolds
Marrakech Rose
Palma Violets
Arum and Tuberoses
Rose, Chefchaouen
Arum Lillies
Pyramids at Giza
Lily of the Valley.  Kashmir
The Virgin and Child
Double Vision
A wheelbarrow
Still life with Tequila
Cantaloupe melon
Skull 1
Skull 2
Joint of beef
Strawberries in a pot
Mexican fruit
Gull’s eggs
Courget flowers and radishes
Pineapple with Lychees
Dish of mangos
Mangos and lillies
Autumn fruits
Large papaya
Four tomatoes with Mexican plate
Pepper and garlic on a red plate
Tomatoes and mexican plate
Two Tomatoes
Stencilled walls in Grand Salon of Chateau in Burgundy
Stencilling in Grand Salon in Chateau. Burgundy
detail of stenciling in grand salon. Burgundy
A Trompe L’oeil painted entrance Hall, Isle St. Louis. Paris
the hall from the Salon with kitchen door concealed behind painting of window with La pont Marie.
The Hall from the Salon
Trompe L’oeil painted Entrance Hall with hidden door to bedroom on the right
View of Trompe L’oeil Painted Hall from stencilled bedroom
Stencilled Bedroom. Isle St. Louis. Paris
Mural. Eaton Terrace
Diningroom Mural, Eaton Terrace
Panel of a Mural, Eaton Terrace.
David Wolkowsky’s island, Florida
Jungle fowl. Bali
Victor Mason, Bali
Victor’s garden. Bali
Chez Victor. Bali
Victor’s house, garden view. Bali
Victor’s house, Bali
Garden, Highmount. NY
Highmount, The Catskills NY
Andy, Highmount
Catskill mountains. NY
Self, Highmount, Catskill mountains. NY
Estuary at Baga, Goa
Landscape, Goa
Moonlight, Goa
Shrine, Goa
Olmec Head
Oaxaca, Mexico
Rev Cannon Ian Sherwood OBE
Bathing beauty
Figure on a beach
Girls on a beach
Mural on balcony, Ibiza
Jungle mural for diningroom, Cadogan Square
Mural in a nursery
Nursery mural of flower fairies
Mural, with concealed doorway
Mural in an alcove
Mural in patio, Westbourne Grove
Battle of Waterloo. painted for hotel in Bangalore, India
Battle of Trafalgar. painted for hotel in Bangalore. India
David Litvinoff and the Bailey brothers in the Grenada Cafe c.1958
Tuareg. southern morocco
Maharaja. painted for an Indian restaurant
HH The Maharaja of Baria
Tadlaked bathroom chez Bill Willis
Roses, Marrakech
Extra muros, Tangier
Little shop, Tangier
Country Women, Tangier
Country girl, Tangier
The Red Silham, Marrakech
Self, Collingham gardens
Portrait of Larbi, chez Bill Willis
Abdel Kader in his cafe
Sketch of Mohammed ( bus eyes )
Portrait of Ahmed chez Bill Willis
Portrait of Zein chez Bill Willis
Portrait of mohammed Skhiri in his restaurant, Marrakech
Portrait of Fuad
Rachid chez Bill Willis
David Litvinoff
Country Boy, Morocco
Portrait of a Saudi arabian
Portrait of a Saudi youth
Portrait of Richard Ecroyd
Sarah Hodsoll and her daughters at the Gazelle D’or, Morocco
Alexander and Louisa Goldsmith’s wedding
Gill Goldsmith’s daughter ( 2 )
Gill Goldsmith’s grandaughter
Frederick, Viscount Castlereagh. 10th Marquess of Londonderry
Painting of a brother and sister
Painting of two little girls
Painting of little girl, Bombay
Hugo,Emma,Arabella and Justin Gibbs
Princess Zukina. Grandaughter of Hassan II of Morocco
Andrew McCall, Goa
Roddy Curry
Roger Johnson
The Three Ray children
David ( wine merchant )
Michael Parkin
Lady Victoria Holdsworth Getty
Man in a red chair
Camilla  ( my sister )
Paul Manousso
Hinwood and Gibbs at Davington
Rani Sita Devi of Kapurthala
Rani of Dhrangadhra
Nikki Samuels
Richard Burgess
Manolo Blahnic
Lesley Eggleton
Man in Denim
Boy in Red
Mrs Banham
Denny Godber
Judith Dawson
Elizabeth and Francis
Elizabeth, Francis McLaughlan’s sister
Francis McLaughlan ( the Bishop )
Richard Walduck
Susan, Mrs Richard Walduck
Goran Lindquist
Fritz von Westenholtz
Selfportrait aged 16
Hicham and self framed by Bill Willis
Hicham Idrissi
Selfportrait ( marrakech )
Revd Canon Ian Sherwood OBE
Alexander Goldsmith
Wendy Thurston
Steve Thompson
David Healey
Michael and David healey
David Healey
Alma Cogan
Daniel Butts
Neil Campbell of Strachur
Sir Paul Getty, in his library at Wormsley.
Michael Wield
Portrait of my Mother
Raj Kumar Martand Singh
Headmistress of Ayesha Jaipur’s School
Goan Portrait
Gita Mehta’s brother
Boy with Dog
In the Dolomites. 4
In the Dolomites. 3
In the Dolomites. 2
In the Dolomites
Moroccan Musicians. Tangier
Still Life with Gull’s Eggs
The Chinese Dressing Gown (Patrick Procktor)
Walking in snow
Self portrait – 20-3-13
Self portrait – 24-3-13
St. Michael’s Mount Cornwall
St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall
Self Portrait on iPad
Self portrait on iPad – 01-6-13
iPad painting
iPad Painting – 10-8-13
Portrait of Frank Norman. collection : The National Portrait Gallery
Dancing Boy Cafe Tangier
Portrait of William Henri Willis the 3rd
Clifton Bay, Capetown
Portrait of Richard Bacon
Portrait of Mark Humble
Sketch of boy, Marrakech
Portrait of Preston Smith
Portrait of Patrick Procktor
Portrait of Andrew H Brenman
Oil sketch of Dan
Rachel at the well
Flowers, Tangier
Portrait of Peter Hinwood
Portrait of Ron Belton
Chilli Peppers
Two cats
Hamedo in profile
Arizona Desert